Rose Quartz Obelisk ~ One Reiki infused crystal obelisk Approx 2.4x.7 inches (OBE21)


Only 1 available

Stone of love. Assists in gently removing negativity in all chakras to reinstate self love. Brings peacefulness and calming to relationships. Attunes the user to the energy of love. Balances the upper 4 chakras and aligns them with your heart.

After it is ordered, cleanse & clear it, then I infuse it with Divine light energies that are meant just for you or the one it is gifted to. After, I add the information card and a leaf or two of white sage to the package to keep any lower energies from attaching on it's journey to you.

The picture shown is of the obelisk you will receive!

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Yoni egg sizes

X-Large size yoni eggs: 40mm x 60mm.
Large size yoni eggs: 38mm x 50mm.
Medium size yoni eggs: 30mm x 40mm.
Small size yoni eggs: 22mm x 30mm.

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