I love rocks & crystals!

Welcome to my Etsy shop! I carry a large selection of Reiki infused crystals and gemstones, along with specimen pieces indicated by the number in the item descriptions (001).

I have been a Reiki Master for over 10 years and a crystal healer for much longer. My passion is crystals! I love their energy, beauty, and the assistance they provide. My goal with this business is to offer high quality crystals at affordable prices, that are cleansed and charged for the recipient's needs.

As I prepare each order, I keep the recipient in mind and use my intuition to choose the right stones. After, I hold the person in my thoughts as I cleanse the stones with sage and take a few moments to infuse them with Reiki energies just for them.

I started selling crystals well over 10 years ago. I found that most rock vendors I met had no clue about the metaphysical properties of the stones. Many would carry the crystal books so they could look them up, but didn't believe in them. Some even made fun of their customers for thinking that way. The stones I would purchase from them would always need a lot of cleansing and recharging. As I grew on my spiritual path, I decided I wanted to provide a safe space for other crystal healers to get their crystals. So, here I am, lol. I have grown my crystal selection from 20 varieties to hundreds of varieties, learning about and working with each type along the way. It has been an amazing journey! I hope you enjoy the fruits of my spiritual adventure!

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